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A New Online Marketing Tool Total Focus - Lighting Products

Rala Information Services has been publishing Lighting Art & Science magazine for more than 28 years. It is the only publication totally dedicated to lighting. It provides a wealth of knowledge about Who's Who in the lighting marketplace.

The lighting world is a unique niche market represented by hundreds of organisations who are thirsty for product knowledge and descriptive capability. It is ideal for target (rifle shot) marketing rather than scattergun in publications which have multiple architectural elements.

Organisations need to sell their product capabilities and they use the Lighting magazine to constantly reinforce that they are major players in the lighting market. They "rub shoulders" in a rich editorial environment of lighting technology authored by leading Lighting Designers and Engineers. It is the only publication totally dedicated to lighting. No clutter on any other subject. It is therefore the ideal vehicle to reinforce market position in the lighting market place.

We now offer you Additional Marketing Strength Online Lighting Products Showcase

Plus Monthly Newswire about your products

  • All Showcase products are linked directly to your own company website for further information.
  • Lighting Magazine drives traffic to the Product Showcase
    (Millions of organisations have websites: getting traffic to them is difficult)
  • Highly effective marketing package: Online advertising, print media and Newswire

With more than 5,000 lighting professionals including electrical contractors, electricians, construction & project managers, architects, interior designers and landscape architects on our data base, and receiving the Lighting Newswire monthly, it is the perfect vehicle in which to promote your lighting products. It adds emphasis and importance for the Lighting Products Showcase.

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