TVILIGHT CitySense – smart outdoor wireless Light Sensor

TVILIGHT CitySense – smart outdoor wireless Light Sensor


TVILIGHT CitySense – smart outdoor wireless Light Sensor


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Best-in-class Streetlight Motion Sensor
CitySense Plus is an award-winning streetlight motion sensor with an integrated wireless lighting control. Designed for the harsh outdoor environments, it offers on-demand adaptive lighting, making the lamps adjust their brightness based on the presence of pedestrians, cyclists or cars.


Using a real-time mesh network, CitySense Plus triggers neighboring lights and creates a safe circle of light around an occupant. The adjustment to human presence happens automatically. Interference factors such as small animals or moving trees are filtered out.


TVILIGHT specializes in sensors, wireless lighting controls, and connected lighting management software for outdoor applications. Tvilight products create an independent open network that allows integrating a multitude of third-party applications and thus constitute a reliable, future-proof base for a Smart City and IoT. Tvilight has an installed base of over 100 projects globally and has deployed thousands of intelligent devices in iconic cities and critical infrastructure around the world.


In 2016 Tvilight secured growth investment from a global technology leader OSRAM who acquired a minority stake in the company.