Human Centric Lighting Applications

Human Centric Lighting Applications


Human Centric Lighting Applications


Lighting Australia


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Human Centric Lighting focuses on the effects of light on human well-being and health, and aims to adapt light to the human biological rhythm.


Lighting Australia offers an intelligently designed, complete solution from BAG electronics, with hardware, software and an app, to allow a fast and efficient start to Human Centric Lighting.


The system includes BAG MixedWhite Plus Controller and either a touch panel with graphic user interface, or a clock module for an entry level solution. The Lightgate App provides simple control and programming of circadian daylight sequences, allowing you to specify colour temperature and brightness levels easily according to time of day. Data is transmitted effortlessly via light pulses from the smartphone flash.


At the core of the Mixed White system, is BAG’s 2-channel Bi-Colour LED linear modules, which allow change of colour though the Zitares Intelligent programmable driver featuring two independently controllable output channels. Even greater energy efficiencies can be achieved using daylight dependant control in combination with presence detection.