Hytronik HBTD8200 Series Bluetooth Dimming Modules

Hytronik HBTD8200 Series Bluetooth Dimming Modules


Hytronik HBTD8200 Series Bluetooth Dimming Modules


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Hytronik’s HBTD8200 Bluetooth dimming modules offer a remarkably simple method of incorporating wireless lighting control into existing, or new lighting installations.


There is no need to install an expensive and complex lighting system.


Lighting is controlled via an App, which is available for both iOS and Android. Depending on the device used, the control range is typically around 10m.


The App enables control of the lights remotely. Groups of lights can also be set up so that they can be controlled in unison utilising the Bluetooth Mesh feature. Different ‘scenes’ can be created according to task, such as “reading”, dining”, “relax” etc.. There is also a very handy holiday mode, so the home still looks lived in, whilst the occupants are away.


There are four different modules available:


• DALI Digital Wireless Module for use with DALI LED drivers. This uses the DALI broadcast mode and can support up to 50 lighting points with flicker-free operation.


• 1-10V Dimming Module, compatible with 1-10V dimmable LED drivers. It will also work with 0-10V dimmable LED drivers, but they won’t be able to dim down to zero. However, there is a built-in 300VA relay for on/off operation of the LED driver.


• Trailing Edge Wireless Dimming Module. Not only will this work with 240VAC legacy and contemporary luminaires, it will also work with many phase-cut dimmable LED drivers, including the MEAN WELL PCD series and Power Source PDV series LED drivers.


• On / Off Wireless Switch, for when only straight on / off control is required.