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BrilliantSmart Dimmer


BrilliantSmart Dimmer


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Brilliant Lighting has launched a range of home automation products. And it includes the secret to making any light in your home smart. Check out the BrilliantSmart Dimmer Mech. With this handy device, you can make any dimmable downlights, switches or lights in your home smart.


Key Features
• Makes your existing dimmable lights smart
• Enables you to dim your lights or control from anywhere via app or voice control using Google Home® or Amazon Alexa® or manually from the switch as required
• You can create schedules to turn lights on, off or dim to suit the time of day or deter break-in’s whilst you are away
• It’s Trailing Edge dimming design, so it works effectively with most LED lights
• Connects to other smart devices in your home via the BriliantSmart app
• The dimmer mech can be programmed to raise the minimum level
• You can create virtual automation looping without the hassle of installing long cable runs.
• Compatible with Clipsal, HPM and other standard plates


Brilliant is a leader in innovative lighting, electrical, smart home technology and air movement products.