BrilliantSmart - the way home automation should be

BrilliantSmart - the way home automation should be


BrilliantSmart - the way home automation should be


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A Brilliant new range – the way home automation should be!
Brilliant Lighting has just launched a smart new range of home automation products. It’s called BrilliantSmart – and it’s the simplest, most affordable solution on the market.


Heaters, internal and exterior lighting, security, TVs and more. BrilliantSmart automates just about everything. And it all starts from the convenient reach of your smartphone.


Unlike other solutions, you only need Wi-Fi and the free BrilliantSmart app. No hub required. This means a quick and easy set-up – every time.


Brilliant’s new range also works with Google Home® or Amazon Alexa®. So you can control your appliances whenever you want, from wherever you are. Plus, it comes at a surprisingly affordable price. Now that’s Brilliant!


The BrilliantSmart range features smart downlights, globes, ceiling lights, dimmer connectors and Wi-Fi plugs and more…!


With the Wi-Fi plug, you can make any appliance smart. All you need to do is connect your device via the plug or USB fitting. You can then take control from anywhere using the BrilliantSmart app.


The smart downlights, globes and ceiling lights even have a range of colour temperatures. This way, you can easily adjust your lights to the mood and time of day.


Here’s what else you can do with BrilliantSmart:
• Use voice control via the app to control appliances, such as dimming the lights or turning on the TV
• Create schedules to automate your home
• Schedule your appliances and devices to turn on or off when you want them to.