SORAA MR16 Lamps

SORAA MR16 Lamps


SORAA MR16 Lamps


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Soraa’s MR16 is now powered by our third generation of GaN on GaN LED technology, achieving world-record-setting efficiency. Soraa MR16 lamps are available in GU5.3 in both 12V constant voltage and Constant Current, or GU10 240V AC versions. All verisona are available in a variety of CCT\'s, beam angles (including compatability with Soraa\'s Snap accessory system), and lumen output. They are also available in Vivid CRI 95+ and Brilliant CRI 80+; VIVID SERIES: Our full-spectrum series brings you both VIVID COLOR (CRI-95, R9-95) and NATURAL WHITE Technology, with market-leading CBCP.


BRILLIANT SERIES: Our highest CBCP series, which also features NATURAL WHITE technology.